Our solutions

The stakes

  • The concept behind the RFID UHF in our textile thread can also be applied to plastic components and notably thermoset composites.
  • The incorporation of our thread in a plastic component endows it with full RFID functionality: identifying, authenticating, following each component to manage and optimize data flow for a more efficient company.

Product visibility

  • Obtain instantaneous and rigorous tracking
  • Ensure precise inventory status with real-time location and condition data for each unit
  • Facilitate data management

An improved process

  • Simpler and more efficient operations thanks to RFID UHF technology
  • An increase in your productivity
  • A direct integration of data in an extensible interface for ERP, WMS or other types of systems

Our solution

  • Imagine the revolution that an RFID UHF identification solution that was completely integrated in your product would bring!

A unique identifier to optimize your data flow

  • An RFID thread embedded in your products, invisible, adaptable and durable
  • An RFID thread compatible with all RFID UHF equipment on the market
  • Personalized support from Primo1D for the installation of the RFID thread and the RFID UHF management system

Unprecedented operational efficiency

  • Exceptional durability of your products’ identifier, equally useful for your clients
  • A tracking as well as an authentication solution for your products
  • Thanks to the RFID thread, be a trailblazer and propose an innovative solution for your company

The advantages

  • The initial insertion of the RFID thread renders your production and distribution more optimal and reliable.
  • The identifier can be queried at any time. Furthermore, access to information is secured. The product communicates! Unlimited access to real-time information opens the door to multiple analyses and provides a rapid return on your investment.
  • Your product is manufactured under extreme conditions? Our RFID thread has excellent thermal resistance. Let’s test it!
  • These smart materials offer an incredible development potential with a wide range of applications in numerous domains (robotics, electronics…), quickly amortizing your investment.