The technology

E-Thread™ technology is based on the elegant, simple and robust micro-encapsulation of electronic circuits.

To create this RFID yarn, we connect the two conducting wires of the antenna directly to the chip, thus eliminating the classic stages used in electronics (contacts on a connection grid, product packaging, external soldering). The resulting assembly is thus so small that it can be incorporated in a textile thread, which helps to reinforcing the structure.


  • The thread packaging simplifies the use of the electronics. It makes the product not only perfectly adapted to textile manufacturing, but also to the fabrication of any phyiscal good, and allows a truly invisible, inseparable and immutable integration of materials and fabric.


  • It is a unique technology, developed at the Grenoble CEA LETI Lab (Technology Institute Lab), protected by a strong international patents portfolio, a strongly differentiated from competing products by its form and ease of implementation.


With this E-Thread™, Primo1D renders a disruptive technology accessible, vastly increasing the added value of your products.