Our applications

The stakes

  • You’re a specialist in fashion and mass-market distribution.
  • Your activity is driven by the frantic pace of the fashion calendar.
  • Your company’s performance and your brand’s success depend on your control of operations, the security of in-network deliveries and the client experience.
  • We will serve in a smart way your digital transformation !


product life cycle management

  • Implement source tagging strategy
  • Increase reliability of inventory in warehouses and stores thanks to embedded ID
  • Enable omnichannel strategy
  • Enable better returns fraud management



  • Seamless customer experience at shop floor 
  • Pioneers self-checkout and easy returns 
  • Guarantee the proof of origin of each product for your customers

Our solution

  • Primo1D offers our innovative, patented solution: the RFID system, incorporated intrinsically in the garment. An RFID thread that will transform the pieces of your collection into connected clothing.


Young man with scarf and cap, portrait

A unique technology for your brand

  • An RFID thread embedded in your apparel, invisible, inseparable and durable
  • An RFID thread compatible with all RFID UHF equipment on the market
  • Personalized support from Primo1D for the installation of the RFID thread and the RFID UHF management system

Position your brand as a pioneer of connected clothing

  • Set up a winning omnichannel strategy and get closer to your clients
  • Give your clients an unparalleled in-store experience
  • Implement innovation at the heart of your organization, thanks to our RFID thread

The advantages

your operations – simpler, more efficient and totally protected

…thanks to the RFID thread directly embedded in the garment! In effect, your ID tag and anti-theft device become not only invisible, but also nondetachable. You will have the foundation of integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). This allows for tracking all along the logistics chain, right through the point of sale. Primo1D’s concept allows you to envision a data capture and aggregation system to enrich your information system, to carry out further analyses and to enter the era of predictive marketing. The ID is preserved and secure for the lifetime of your product. A piece of apparel, for example, into which our RFID thread is natively incorporated, will never lose its identifier. As such, Primo1D’s concept is a tremendous tool that enables precise inventory cycle counts and in-store inventory accuracy. You will create an ever more intimate bond between your brand and your client.

have your clients live an unparalleled experience

Transport your clothing into a magical universe and revolutionize the client experience.

Smart fitting rooms, interactive tables and pixel walls… thanks to the Primo1D solution, the client will be accompanied from the selection of the connected garment in the aisle to his or her exit from the store. The client will never be bothered by the electronic thread, which remains imperceptible inside the garment.

The ethical and legal aspects have naturally been taken into account, to preserve your clients’ privacy.

Self-checkout can be implemented

You offer an easy way to return goods at shop floor and enable your operations to limit returns fraud.


With your products fitted with the Primo1D thread, you’re ready for the paradigm shift of connected apparel. Now you and your clients can imagine the applications of tomorrow!