Our applications

The stakes

  • Whatever your domain, the visibility of your products and your inventory management are a real challenge!
  • The key to the efficient management of an organization resides in its capacity to capture information and to have an overall, real-time vision of inventory, its location and connection with other assets.
  • You will have the capability to think about a true digital transformation. Thanks to source tagging, you will have the possibility to collect data on everything that is happening within factories, warehouses and supply chains, at any time, whatever the product status is. This will allow you to quickly benefit from a positive ROI.
  • Think about new usages and create value with and for your customers.


Product visibility

  • Obtain instantaneous and rigorous tracking
  • Ensure the precise state of inventory with a real-time knowledge of the location and condition of  each unit
  • Facilitate data processing

improved processES

  • Simpler and more efficient operations thanks to RFID UHF technology
  • An increase in your productivity
  • A direct integration of data in an extensible interface for ERP, WMS or other systems

Our solution

  • Imagine the revolution that an RFID UHF identification solution that was completely integrated in your product would bring!

A unique identifier to optimize your data flow

  • An RFID thread embedded in any product : invisible, inseparable and durable
  • An RFID thread compatible with all RFID UHF equipment on the market
  • Personalized support from Primo1D for the installation of the RFID thread and the RFID UHF management system

An unprecedented operational efficiencey

  • An exceptional durability of your products’ identifier, equally useful for your clients
  • A tracking as well as an authentication solution for your products
  • Thanks to the RFID thread, be a trailblazer and propose an innovative solution for your company

The advantages

  • The initial insertion of the RFID thread renders your production and distribution more optimal and reliable.
  • Might your products be used in extreme conditions? The RFID thread, when embedded in the material, demonstrates an excellent resistance to the most challenging environments.
  • The incorporation of our thread endows your material and object with native RFID functionnalities : identifying, authenticating, better managing work in process and logistics flows and finally a better customer engagement.
  • RFID UHF is first step toward digital transformation : based on it, new services and offers can be developped and proposed to your customer.

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