E-Thread™ is a disruptive technology incorporating the best of the microelectronics, micromechanics and textile industries.

It is a unique UHF RFID technology, born at the prestigious CEA-LETI microelectronics research center in Grenoble, France, and protected by a strong portfolio of international patents.

E-Thread™ technology is based on a micro-encapsulation of electronic circuits: streamlined, simple and robust. To make this RFID thread, we directly connect the two conductive strands of the antenna to the RFID chip. The resulting assembly is so small that it can be integrated into a textile thread. We put special emphasis on optimizing the RF performance – a key to an RFID device – by adapting the impedance of the antenna through a specific, proprietary design. The wired packaging makes the whole unit more resistant. And it makes the product very suitable for integration in different manufacturing products and processes, including textiles, composites, and rubber-based materials.