Behind the scenes

We are delighted to share with you an exclusive glimpse into our company through this video report.

It highlights not only our UHF RFID thread activity, our ambitions, but also the dedicated team that represent Primo1D.


Our Business : A unique expertise

Our company stands out with its unique know-how and expertise in the UHF RFID sector to offer highly efficient products. Since the business set-up, we have been committed to providing the highest quality products and services, addressing the specific challenges of our clients, while contributing to the deployment of business models aimed at a circular economy.


Our Strengths: The team and the ecosystem

Our production machines, which you will discover in this video report, are at the cutting edge of technology. Behind each machine are passionate professionals: our engineers, technicians, and operators are experts in their respective fields, and their know-how is our greatest asset. Each step is meticulously controlled to ensure results that meet our high standards.

We have a strong local presence in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes through our partners, and we collaborate with various ecosystems such as Outdoor Sports Valley and EuroSIMA more recently.


Our Ambitions: Contributing to a sustainable industry

Our goal is to continue growing while remaining true to our values of excellence and innovation.

We also aim to play an active role in the ecological transition by developing solutions that contribute to the deployment of products and articles geared towards a circular economy, while offering a UHF RFID thread with a low carbon footprint itself (9 grams CO2 equivalent).


Therefore, discover the video footage in our premises, as well as the testimonies of Boris Vigaud, CEO, and Valériane Henry, Business Development Manager.


Video produced by Openmedias on behalf of BFMTV