RFID project management

  • Organizing an RFID project starts with defining the customer’s needs in terms of traceability, then finding the best-adapted solution.
  • Primo1D calls on both our internal expertise and a network of experts in order to offer a personalized RFID traceability solution.
  • We understand that implementing such a project is complex: there are many challenges and a wide variety of actors, each specialized in a specific part of the total solution.


Thanks to our ecosystem, we link all the necessary skills required to smoothly execute an RFID project, from installation to efficient functioning.


Implementation of an in-situ solution

  • We also offer the possibility for you to test our RFID UHF technology through the installation of an on-site demonstrator.


This will enable you to evaluate the benefits of RFID as well as our RFID yarn values.

RFID yarn encoding

  • If needed, we can handle the encoding process internally upon your specifications, then ship the serialized RFID yarn.


Print shop service

  • Our network of partners can also assist you in real time, at the location of your choice, with customized RFID yarns, serialized on your specifications.


Support for RFID yarn integration

  • Does the implementation of our RFID thread in your operations require support from our teams?
  • It will be our pleasure to help ensure smooth installation and supplier support.


Performance characterization

  • Primo1D has a range of specialized RF equipment.
  • We offer RF performance testing, models and simulations for incorporating our device into your application.