History of the company

Founded in 2013, Primo1D debuted on the Minatec Campus of the CEA’s research and development center in Grenoble, which ranks in the Top 5 of Forbes’ most innovative cities in the world. This environment gave Primo1D the benefit of a technological base for the implementation of its processes and equipment, and the qualification of its products. In 2021, the company moved to a new site to accommodate increasing demand for production of its RFID thread. 

As a member of RAIN RFID Alliance and a GS1 member, we operate in the IoT universe.  Primo1D hub partners include the French global innovation cluster Minalogic, as well as Connectwave.

The primo1d success is entirely due to the people that embody the company.

From managers, engineers, technicians to business developers, we all deeply commit to meet the expectations of our partners, the needs of customers and contribute ideas that push us forward as a company.


In 2022, Primo1D passed its first evaluation run by the independant organism Ecovadis.

For this first evaluation, we obtained the silver medal and we ranked amonst the 26% best rated companies.


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The future is

Primo1D offers embedded RFID technology that addresses the challenges of data and data reliability in monitoring the lifecycle of textile and industrial products.

Primo1D offers a major, durable technological breakthrough for companies that must increase the digitalization of their operations.

Our mission is to help drive our customers’ digital transformation through our technological innovation: E-Thread™.

Industrial strategy

The company’s innovative capacity and the versatility of the E-Thread™ technology platform drives our continual annual growth.  The pioneering spirit is integral to our DNA and resounds strongly in our values. This spirit is also seen in our ongoing research and development activity, an agile industrialization strategy and pragmatic business management.

We have developed strong partnerships and close relationships within the RFID eco-system.  The expertise, know-how and networks of our industrial partners also benefit our projects:

  • In the semiconductor sector for the supply of RFID chips (Impinj, NXP) with the support of a network of foundries in Asia.
  • Our tag assembly and converting equipment has been co-designed and developed with Mülhbauer (Munich, Germany).

In the semiconductor and textile areas of our business, our industrial model is fabless. The assembly, converting, testing and encoding of our tags is fully integrated. Our entire fleet of equipment is located at our head office in Grenoble for the service of Primo1D customers.